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Kayaking on Ruth Lake

I just returned from a lovely weekend kayaking on Ruth lake. My girlfriend and family came along for some outside socializing with fresh air and a bounty of wildlife.

Camping in a campground isn't always the most quiet as you often have neighbors blasting their music from a genre you'd prefer not to listen to, but none the less you are all there for the same reason, fresh air, nature and a break from the daily chores and work.

Once out on the water, the joy began for me. Hundreds of dragonflies zooming by. Tiny blue ones, large black and whites and red dragonflies everywhere. As we moved down the lake we came upon a sea of grass and a plethora of blue herons. They must have been nesting or maybe hunting, but there were around 20 herons spread out across the grass. Such lovely graceful birds.

Back at the camp, fence lizards and buckeye butterflies buzzed around the pennyroyal by the shore. The hot sun warmed my skin and my heart.

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