Hello! Are you a store owner and would like to carry my designs?

I would love to hear from you! I can provide you with a line sheet, price list and a sample package upon request. I love sharing my art with others and would be honored to have my art in your store.

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Please view a list of my available products here. 

Available Products



You can find a selection of my designs at these lovely retail stores.

Ukiah, Ca.

Ukiah Natural Foods

Eureka, Ca.

Eureka Co-op

Humboldt Herbals

Ferndale, Ca.

Humboldt's Hometown Store



Arcata Co-op

Moonrise Herbs

Poste Haste

Sunnybrae Murphy's Market

Global Village

Mckinleyville, Ca.

Eureka Natural

Crescent City, Ca.

Wildrivers Market